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E.G. Grounds Care Health and Safety Policy Statement


 E.G. Grounds Care believes that it is a business imperative to fulfill its health and safety responsibilities to its employees, partners and contractors and to its customers, neighbours and the public through the application of best practice, health and safety management and compliance with national legislation.

The health and safety of individuals is the prime goal of this policy but E.G. Grounds Care believes that it also contributes to business performance through the prevention of losses due to injury and ill health. E.G. Grounds Care values the contribution to business performance of a positive health and safety culture. This derives from a high quality health and safety policy deployed through strong leadership and commitment to realistic health and safety objectives, designed to bring about continuous improvement in health and safety management and performance.


The management of health and safety is regarded as an integral part of E.G. Grounds Care business activities as important as the management of all other business activities. It will accordingly ensure for all of its business activities. whether working independently or with its partners or agents, that there is an appropriate health and safety management system in place. The system will comprise the organization and designated responsibilities for health and safety, the means for planning and implementing the work necessary to ensure the health and safety of E.G. Grounds Care employee's and others and the means for measuring and reviewing performance and for auditing the management system.

E.G. Grounds Care will ensure that the health and safety management system identifies hazards and assesses and controls risks to the health and safety of employees, contractors, agency and partners and the public. It will also ensure so far as is reasonably practicable the provision and maintenance of a safe and healthy working environment and the provision and maintenance of safe equipment and systems of working.


It is essential for E.G. Grounds Care to develop the necessary health and safety competencies in its employee's, establish effective communication, co-operation and control and confirm the presence of these for contractor and agency staff acting on behalf of E.G. Grounds Care to enable them to discharge their responsibilities safely and without risk to health so far as is reasonably practicable


The co-operation and contribution of all employee's is an essential ingredient in the provision of a safe and healthy working environment and in securing compliance with health and safety legislation. E.G. Grounds Care will accordingly use appropriate consultative mechanisms to take account of employee representations on health and safety matters.

This Policy will be reviewed annually to assess its effectiveness in securing continuous improvement in health and safety performance.





Environmental Policy


Policy Objective


To Evaluate and seek to Reduce our Impact on the Environment.



Summarised as follows



The progressive integration of environmental and social considerations into business decisions and to establish relevant performance indicators along with key measures and associated improvement targets.


The development and implementation of management frameworks that ensures high standards of environmental performance.


To comply with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations and endeavour to meet and exceed appropriate environmental good practice standards.


To promote transparency by having clear environmental accountabilities. 


To reduce consumption of materials in our operations, reuse rather than dispose whenever possible, and promote recycling and the use of recycled material.


To promote the prudent use of fuel, energy, water, raw materials and other resources.


To minimise waste and discharges to surface or ground water.


To reduce wherever practicable the level of harmful emissions from our vehicles, buildings and equipment.


To encourage the implementation by all employees of sound environmental practices, providing training where appropriate, and include environmental issues in discussion with our employee's.



To work with our suppliers to minimise the impact of their operations through a partnership approach to our purchasing policy and to develop, where practical, new products and services, which seek to achieve greater sustainability.


Golden Rules Policy 


  • Always be polite to colleagues and customers.


  • Always check weights of objects befor lifting.


  • Always carry out pre-user checks on all equipment befor use and report any faults to a manager.


  • Always ensure you are trained befor using equipment and machinery.


  • Always wear your PPE when carrying carrying out any work related task.



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